Part 1 – Advantages & Disadvantages of a Home Office!

What are your advantages & disadvantages of a home office?

Working from my home office is a blessing. I’ve had to outweigh the advantages and disadvantages of working from my home but the outcome for me far outweighs working in the corporate world. I have had the opportunity to encounter just about every possible positive and negative situation. I also had to evaluate whether a home-based office was the ideal situation. In my case, it was and I’m happy to say it has been the best decision for me.

A home office isn’t for everyone. Evaluate your circumstances and find the ideal solution to your needs. Most people think it will be a wonderful existence, until reality sets in and they experience isolation and home-office problems. Although, this article isn’t to stray you away from working at home, it is an article that will list the advantages and disadvantages to a home office. 오피
Read on and decide for yourself whether you are cut out for a home office:


1. Low overhead
2. Home office-tax deductions
3. Flexibility of hours
4. Security, peace and quiet
5. Safety in inclement weather
6. Family time

1. Low overhead
Having a home-based office eliminates much of the overhead expense of a business and you can claim deductions come tax time.

2. Home-office tax deductions
Your home office will incur expensive operating costs just like any business. However, the beauty of a home-based office is that a portion of these costs can be claimed on your income taxes. You are paying these costs anyway so it’s a bonus to be able to claim them as a tax deduction. Remember, you can only claim a home-based office if it is the head office of your business.

3. Flexibility of hours
The flexibility you have working at home is a precious commodity to parents of young children.
If you are ill to work, you can rely on your voice mail or take your portable phone to bed and rest. If you lose time during the day, you can burn the midnight oil.

4. Security, peace, and quiet
The feeling of control and comfort from working at home also plays an advantage. You know your home is secured because you are there. If something goes wrong, you can deal with it when it happens. You can dress casually instead of wearing expected business attire which allows you to save on wardrobe costs.


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