How to manage your sbobet betting bankroll

essential for long term profits
You can’t make long-term profits from sports betting if your bankroll management is poor. This article will share 3 ways I can help you manage your bankroll.

Constant Percentage Betting

This is the best way to manage your bankroll. Don’t make the fatal mistake many “gamblers”, which is to place your entire account, or even half of your bankroll on one game. These punters will always reload their accounts and lose money for all eternity. These punters are the ultimate bookie’s dream!

You should instead only bet a small percentage. A 10% stake is too high because of the risk of having your balance impacted by a series negative events. sbobet indonesia

Pro-bettors typically bet 2% of their total balance. This is the maximum they can lose. Although it may sound small, this is a low-risk way to maximize your long-term profit potential.

Dynamic scaling

This is an additional step in constant percentage betting. Let’s suppose you have $100 and bet $2 per wager. Your account balance will reach $150 and the $2 bets no longer represent 2%. Your profits are lower than they should be because you are not taking enough risks.

As your balance changes, you can increase your bets dynamically. This means that you should bet $3 every time, instead of $2.

Constant Profit Betting

Some bettors, but not many, will opt for constant profit. If they bet on a match that has long odds of winning, they will place less. They will place more if they are betting on a favorite (short odds).

They will make sure that they win every time.

However, the downside to this strategy is that each bet’s stake (the risk) may be different. This strategy is worth considering. 5% of your total balance.

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